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Julia A. Kelly  [6]

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Eells, Linda; Kelly, Julie (2014)

Winter study of ten porcupines in Itasca State Park

Kelly, Julia A.; Nelson, Kris; Nelson, Sue (1976)
Ten porcupines were observed within the park over a period of two weeks. Generalizations and correlations were difficult to make since behavior varied greatly among individuals. Damage to trees in the area was noted. There ...

Publications of Dr. Ruth Evelyn Boynton (1896-1977)

Kelly, Julia A.; Robbins, Kathryn; Foreman, Gertrude (2012-11-30)
Dr. Ruth Boynton was head of the Health Service at the University of Minnesota and an active researcher in the areas of women's health, tuberculosis, and public health.

Old-growth Northern Hardwood Stands near Duluth, Minnesota

Kelly, Julia A. (1986-06-01)
This follow-up study of yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis) regeneration in sugar maple-basswood forests in northern Minnesota covers 3 stands from a 1960-61 study that originally included 10. As the authors of the previous ...

Building a RefWorks Database of Faculty Publications as a Liaison and Collection Development Tool

Marsalis, Scott; Kelly, Julia (2008-08-02)
Using RefWorks, a web-based citation manager, we constructed databases containing the publications of the faculty members for four departments on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. The goals were to learn ...

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