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Aster Models for Life History Analysis

Geyer, Charles J; Wagenius, Stuart; Shaw, Ruth G (School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, 2005-09-05)
We present a new class of statistical models designed for life history analysis of plants and animals. They allow joint analysis of data on survival and reproduction over multiple years, allow for variables having different ...

Likelihood Ratio Tests and Inequality Constraints

Geyer, Charles J. (School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, 1995-12-18)
In likelihood ratio tests involving inequality-constrained hypotheses, the Neyman-Pearson test based on the least favourable parameter value in a compound null hypothesis can be extremely conservative. The ordinary parametric ...

User's Manual for bmmp S-PLUS/R Software

Pardoe, Iain (2001-06-08)

MacAnova Reference Manual

Bingham, Christopher; Oehlert, Gary W. (1997-09)

MacAnova User's Guide

Oehlert, Gary W.; Bingham, Christopher (1997-03)