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Faculty and Staff Papers and Presentations, University Libraries  [64]

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CatDoc HackDoc: Tools and Processes for Managing Documentation Lifecycle, Workflows, and Accessibility

Bergland, Kristi; Davis, Kalan K; Traill, Stacie (Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2019-11-06)
Documentation of local policies, workflows, and procedures is an important activity for cataloging and metadata units. But creating and maintaining documentation is a huge task that is not always a high priority. Librarians ...

Troubleshooting Fundamentals: A Beginner's Guide

Carter, Sunshine J; Traill, Stacie (Information Today, Inc., 2018-07)
Libraries have been troubleshooting unexpected problems affecting access to content for as long as libraries have provided online content. Library systems and access models have matured as the volume of content delivered ...

Participatory and Ethical Strategic Planning: What Academic Libraries Can Learn from Critical Management Studies

Leebaw, Danya (Library Trends, 2019)
This paper introduces a subfield of management studies, “critical management studies” (CMS), in order to rethink mainstream management practices in academic libraries, with strategic planning as an illustrative example. ...

Tailoring Library Instruction to Meet the Needs of Multilingual Students in Higher Education

Gyendina, Mariya; Matts-Benson, Lindsay; Chen, Yao (ACRL, 2019-12)

Quality Issues in Vendor-Provided E-Monograph Records

Traill, Stacie (Library Resources & Technical Services, 2013)
As e-book batchloading workloads have increased, the quality of vendor-provided MARC records has emerged as a major concern for libraries. This paper discusses a study of record quality in e-monograph record sets undertaken ...

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