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Planning: Professional and Plan A Papers  [106]

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West Broadway: What is Affordable?

Gemheart, Adrienne; Kohlhaas, Alex; Thao, Lisa; Yoder, Amy (2018-05)
This report is intended for the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC), with the goal of addressing commercial affordability along the West Broadway corridor. Considering the history of West Broadway and North ...

Guiding Growth Strategies for Equitable Development in South Saint Anthony Park

Buechler, Gretchen; Coppersmith, Emily; Wade, Michael (2018-05)
St. Anthony Park is a time-honored but transitioning district with many assets to protect, enhance, and direct toward higher livability for its most vulnerable residents. Building on revious research and the St. Anthony Park ...

Shared Mobility Policy Guide

Bai, Shunhua; Biron, Holly; Nowak, Jacqueline; Valenti, Alicia; Kartheiser, Christopher (2018-05)
This report examines he potential impacts of shared mobility in the seven County Twin Cities Metro area. Much of the content builds on a 2017 report from the Shared Use Mobility Center, the Shared Mobility Action Plan. ...

Electric Vehicle Incentivization in Minnesota

Denk, Brianna; Engrav, Thomas; Johnson, Anna; Wadsworth, Garth; Wyatt, Jessi (2018-05-11)
In 2015 there were approximately 6,000 electric vehicles in Minnesota. This falls well below penetration in leading states like California, Georgia, and Washington with electric vehicle registration totaling 337,000, ...

Transit-Oriented Displacement Affordable Homeownership Remedies for the Side Effects of Transit Investment

Durham, Wesley; Evans, Parker; Haynssen, Laura; Schuettler, Karl; Shaffer, Scott (Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 2016-05)

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