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College of Education and Human Development  [79]

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Historical note: At the directive of the Minnesota legislature and by an act of the University’s Board of Regents, the College of Education was created on December 12 1905 as the Department of Pedagogy, with the mandate of guiding the training of teachers, principals, and school superintendents.

In 2006, the College of Education and Human Development joined the General College and two College of Human Ecology departments (the School of Social Work and the Department of Family Social Science) to form the new College of Education and Human Development. The General College was reorganized into the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning within the CEHD. CEHD home page:

The digital texts available here are complemented by the historical archives of the College of Education and Human Development and its predecessors, available for research in the University of Minnesota Archives, 218 Elmer L. Andersen Library.

Recently Added

Autism mentorship program: A self-concept strengthening program

Tomfohrde, Olivia; Goldberg, Emily; Goerdt, Annie; Weiler, Lindsey; Hudock, Rebekah (2020-03)
Adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) report that they often feel burdened by their diagnosis and struggle with social interactions and anxiety. Concurrently, adolescents with ASD rarely know adult ...

NCEO’s Online Research Databases on English Learners and Special Education Students: Your Future Research Tool?

Rogers, Chris; Hochstetter, Angela; Lazarus, Sheryl (2020-03)
This session highlights several interactive online resources available for undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers investigating academic research on accessibility and accommodations for students with ...

Understanding Children’s In-group Biases: Does Group Membership Affect Children's Acceptance of Counter-intuitive Information?

Ly, Kevin; Han Li, Pearl; Koenig, Melissa; Berry, Daniel (2020)
Previous developmental work has shown that children have a robust preference for their own group members. Another line of research has found that children are able to track the reliability of others and selectively learn ...

College students, texting, and family: “The only way we can goof off and be [family]… because we don’t see each other often.”

LeBouef, Samantha; Dworkin, Jodi; Hessel, Heather; Holmgren, Hailey; Keyzers, Angela (2020-03)

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