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University of Minnesota: General College (University of Minnesota, 1997)


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University of Minnesota

Administrative Document

The General College is an undergraduate college of the University of Minnesota. Its mission is to prepare University students who, because of personal circumstances or previous educational experiences, are not adequately prepared for the demands of post-secondary academic work. In the General College, special attention is given to areas of developmental and multicultural education. Pursuant to this mission the General College plays a special role in the University's realization of the egalitarian principles that sustain its vitality as an urban, land grant, research institution. The faculty and support staff of the General College, through research, teaching, and creative activity, share the common goal of fostering human development through educational access.

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Approved by GC Assembly--May 31, 1991 Amended by GC Assembly vote--April 26, 1994 Revised to reflect recent administrative changes--June 12, 1997 *This constitution is not part of the employment contract between the University and its employees. It does not establish terms and conditions of employment.

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