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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Stop Lines in Increasing the Safety of Stop-Controlled Intersections

Duhn, Melissa; Dirks, Peter; Loutfi, Andrew; Hourdos, John; Davis, Gary (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-07)
Stop lines are ubiquitous, but do they really impact intersection safety? Prior to this project, no long-term studies on intersection safety with stop lines had been completed. This project was developed with two parallel ...

Development of Cost-Competitive Timber Bridge Designs for Long-Term Performance

Brashaw, Brian; Wacker, James; Fosnacht, Don; Aro, Matt; Young, Matthew; Vatalaro, Robert (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-06)
Modern timber bridges have shown that timber is a durable option for primary structural members in highway bridges and can perform satisfactorily for 50 years or longer when properly designed, fabricated and maintained. ...

How Do Complete Streets Matter for Communities? The Case of Richfield, Minnesota

Phinney, Robin; Fonseca, Camila; Bean, Nathan; Zhao, Jerry Zhirong (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-07)
Municipalities across Minnesota have turned to Complete Streets in an attempt to develop more usable roads for their residents. This report investigates how Complete Streets are reshaping one Minnesota community. In 2013, ...

Transit Service Frequency App: A Global Transit Innovations (GTI) Data System

Fan, Yingling; Wiringa, Peter; Guthrie, Andrew; Ru, Jingyu; He, Tian; Kne, Len; Crabtree, Shannon (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2018-11)
The Transit Service Frequency App hosts stop- and alignment-level service frequency data from 559 transit providers around the globe who have published route and schedule data in the General Transit Feed Specification ...

Permeable Pavement for Road Salt Reduction

Erickson, Andrew J.; Gulliver, John S.; Herb, William R.; Janke, Benjamin D.; Nguyen, Nam K. (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-06)
Road salt and particularly sodium chloride is used for de-icing roadways during winter months in cold climates but can have a negative impact on the environment. This report describes research that investigated the use of ...