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Research Reports  [1167]

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The Center for Transportation Studies' research reports present the results of University of Minnesota projects in all areas of transportation research. Most reports are available online free of charge.

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Generating Traffic Information from Connected Vehicle V2V Basic Safety Messages

Chen, Rongsheng; Levin, Michael; Hourdos, John; Duhn, Melissa (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2021-03)
Basic Safety Message (BSM) containing data about the vehicle's position, speed, and acceleration. Roadside receivers, RSUs, can capture BSM broadcasts and translate them into information about traffic conditions. If every ...

Adaptive Management to Improve De-Icing Operations

Baker, Lawrence A.; Wilson, Bruce; Klimbal, Doug; Furuta, Dan; Friese, Melissa; Bierman, Jacob (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2021-03)
Road de-icing is a major cause of chloride impairment in Minnesota's urban waters. The goal of our study was to develop an adaptive management (AM) strategy to reduce chloride impacts caused by de-icing operations. The AM ...

Addressing Accessibility and Equity Along Transitways: Toward a Mixed Methods Toolkit—Part 2

Fisher, Thomas; Hang, Joseph; Ogranovich, Dan; Chao, Lynda (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2021-03)
This report presents a mixed-methods toolkit for use in community engagement as part of transitway planning and design. Although the tools apply to any type of transit in any location, they were developed in relation to ...

Workforce Planning and Human Resource Development Strategies for Minnesota's Public Transportation Agencies

Bartlett, Kenneth; Collins, Joshua; Hart-Mrema, Tasha S.; Valesano, Michael (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2021-03)
This study explored and examined possible causes of the workforce shortage in Minnesota’s transportation industry. Appropriate human resource strategies were proposed in response. Four interrelated approaches were undertaken: ...

Addressing Accessibility and Equity Along Transitways: Toward a Mixed Methods Toolkit—Part 1

Carlson, Kristin; Owen, Andrew (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2021-01)
This report presents the results of a transit accessibility analysis for the B, D, E, Gold, and Rush Line transitways in the Twin Cities. Census block level access to grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and high schools ...

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