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Research Reports  [1125]

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The Center for Transportation Studies' research reports present the results of University of Minnesota projects in all areas of transportation research. Most reports are available online free of charge.

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Transit Service Frequency App: A Global Transit Innovations (GTI) Data System

Fan, Yingling; Wiringa, Peter; Guthrie, Andrew; Ru, Jingyu; He, Tian; Kne, Len; Crabtree, Shannon (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2018-11)
The Transit Service Frequency App hosts stop- and alignment-level service frequency data from 559 transit providers around the globe who have published route and schedule data in the General Transit Feed Specification ...

Permeable Pavement for Road Salt Reduction

Erickson, Andrew J.; Gulliver, John S.; Herb, William R.; Janke, Benjamin D.; Nguyen, Nam K. (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-06)
Road salt and particularly sodium chloride is used for de-icing roadways during winter months in cold climates but can have a negative impact on the environment. This report describes research that investigated the use of ...

Ten-Year Review of Monitoring System on I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge

Brown, Riley J.; McCoy, Rebekka; Shield, Carol K.; Linderman, Lauren E.; Hedegaard, Brock D. (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-06)
The I-35W St. Anthony Falls bridge was highly instrumented with over 500 sensors to verify design assumptions, serve as a testbed to examine bridge sensing techniques, and evaluate the effectiveness of different bridge ...

Understanding and Mitigating the Dynamic Behavior of RICWS and DMS Under Wind Loading

Linderman, Lauren; Guala, Michele; French, Catherine; Schillinger, Dominik; Finley, Nicole; Heisel, Michael; Nguyen, Lam; Stoter, Stein; Vievering, Josh; Zhu, Qiming (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-06)
Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS) and Rural Intersection Conflict Warning Signs (RICWS) are roadside signs that feature much larger and heavier signs than are typically placed on their respective support systems. The excess ...

Assessing the Impact of Pedestrian-Activated Crossing Systems

Hourdos, John; Dirks, Peter; Lehrke, Derek; Parikh, Gordon; Davis, Gary; Cheong, Christopher (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-05)
Pedestrian-Activated Crossing (PAC) systems have been shown to have a generally positive impact on driver yield rates. However, there has been insufficient research on the effect PAC treatments have on pedestrian crash ...

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