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Research Reports  [1188]

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The Center for Transportation Studies' research reports present the results of University of Minnesota projects in all areas of transportation research. Most reports are available online free of charge.

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Remaining Service Life Asset Measure, Phase 2

Matias de Oliveira, Jhenyffer; Khani, Alireza; Davis, Gary; Marasteanu, Mihai (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2022-02)
The main objectives of phase 2 of this project were to obtain relevant data to calculate the percent remaining service life interval (PRSI) and two additional metrics and to perform Markov chain analysis and dynamic ...

Polymer Literature Review

Stroup-Gardiner, Mary; Newcomb, David E. (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 1995-09)
This report compiles a vast majority of research on polymer modified asphalt cements and mixtures. It covers a general discussion of polymer chemistry and terns typically used by polymer suppliers; asphalt cement chemistry; ...

Estimation of Metro Freeway System Reliability and Resilience

Kwon, Eil; Jurrens, Chet; Wright, Cole; Mahmud, Asif (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2022-02)
This study has estimated and analyzed the travel-time reliability and traffic-flow performance trends of the freeway corridors in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. First, TeTRES (Travel-Time Reliability Estimation ...

Metro Transit Service Reliability Measures Assessment

Liao, Chen-Fu (2017-04)
The objectives of this project are to expand the definitions of transit service reliability, determine which ones are applicable to Metro Transit's services, and provide a proof of concept of how these measures could be ...

Minnesota User Based Fee Demonstration

Douma, Frank; Zhao, Jerry; Fonseca, Camila; Zeerak, Raihana; Lari, Adeel; Munnich, Lee; Benesh, Meredith; Loveland, Joe (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2021-12)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a 12-month Distance Based Fee (DBF) demonstration that utilizes existing technologies embedded within Shared Mobility (SM) fleet vehicles and connected and automated ...

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