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Research Reports  [1163]

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The Center for Transportation Studies' research reports present the results of University of Minnesota projects in all areas of transportation research. Most reports are available online free of charge.

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Addressing Accessibility and Equity Along Transitways: Toward a Mixed Methods Toolkit—Part 1

Carlson, Kristin; Owen, Andrew (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2021-01)
This report presents the results of a transit accessibility analysis for the B, D, E, Gold, and Rush Line transitways in the Twin Cities. Census block level access to grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and high schools ...

Impact of Transitways on Travel on Parallel and Adjacent Roads and Park-and-ride Facilities

Webb, Alex; Tao, Tao; Khani, Alireza; Cao, Jason; Wu, Xinyi (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2021-01)
Transitways such as light rail transit (LRT) and bus rapid transit (BRT) provide fast, reliable, and high-capacity transit service. Transitways have the potential to attract more riders and take a portion of the auto mode ...

Investigation of Asphalt Mixtures Compaction Using a Novel Approach Based on Tribology

Yan, Tianhao; Turos, Mugurel; Kumar, Ravi; Marasteanu, Mihai (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2020-12)
Compaction is one of the most important factors that affects the durability of asphalt pavements. Many studies have been focused on developing methods to improve compaction. Previously, the authors found that the addition ...

Integrate RTMC Vehicle Classification into the Current Detector Volume Data

Kwon, Taek M. (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2020-11)
Collection of vehicle classification data is considered an essential part of traffic monitoring programs. The objective of this project is to integrate the raw classification data generated by the Minnesota Department of ...

Access Across America: Auto 2018

Owen, Andrew; Murphy, Brendan (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2020-03)
Accessibility is the ease and feasibility of reaching valued destinations. It can be measured for a wide array of transportation modes, to different types of destinations, and at different times of day. There are a variety ...

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