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Department of Mathematics and Statistics Event Posters  [7]

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This collection contains posters from events held at and/or sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The events date from 2014 to 2015. Please note that this collection is not comprehensive; other events may have been held and other posters may exist.

Recently Added

Math and Statistics Majors Considering a Business Career (2015-02)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Labovitz School of Business and Economics; Pitterle, Sara (2015)
Poster for a new math and statistics minor Marketing Analytics

The Role of Statisticians in Medical Research (2014-03-27)

Garberich, Ross (2014)
Statisticians play a critical role in medical research. They help design studies, validate and analyze data and write abstracts, manuscripts and reports for publication. Additionally, as hospitals and healthcare systems ...

Combinatorial Problems Motivated by Databases (2014-02-06)

Leck, Uwe (2014)
Some combinatorial problems and results will be discussed that arise in the context of restoration of lost information in distributed databases. Consider a set T of lattice points in a k x k grid and call it a configuration. ...

What is Theoretical Computer Science? (2014-03-06)

Wimmer, Karl (2014)
in this talk, we will give a survey of various areas of theoretical computer science and the role that mathematics plays in these areas. We will discuss some applications such as machine learning and voting theory, as well ...

Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2014

Helgeson, Jasmine; Ni, Penghuan; Schoenheider, Tim; Bauer, Philip; Schmieg, Jesse; Toninato, Joe; University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2014)
Each February, a nationwide international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is held. Contestants have 96 hours to select from one of two problems and submit a solution. This year, two teams represented UMD. One team ...

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