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Jenny McBurney  [7]

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Qualitative Research Data Management PA5041

McBurney, Jenny; Hunt, Shanda (2019)

Research Sprints: Elevating Faculty & Librarian Collaboration

McBurney, Jenny; Molls, Emma (2019-09-20)

Research Sprints: A Model for Collaboration

Brown, Sarah Jane; Gyendina, Mariya; Hunt, Shanda; McBurney, Jenny (2019-05-10)
This session presented a model for faculty support that focuses on increasing engagement, collaboration, and relationship building. Research sprints provide a unique format for the faculty to work with teams of librarians ...

Elevating Engagement with Health Sciences Faculty: The Implementation of Research Sprints at the University of Minnesota

Hunt, Shanda; Brown, Sarah Jane; McBurney, Jenny (2019-05)
The University of Minnesota Libraries adopted Research Sprints as an innovative faculty engagement approach. The primary goal was to offer faculty the opportunity to partner with a team of expert librarians on a specific ...

Measuring Impact With Altmetrics: Is There One Tool To Rule Them All?

Bakker, Caitlin; Chew, Katherine; McBurney, Jenny; Reed, Del; Aho, Melissa (2018-10)

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