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Data Curation Network Outputs  [4]

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Research and outputs from the Data Curation Network, a community of professional data curators, data management experts, data repository administrators, disciplinary scientists and scholars that represent academic institutions and non-profit data repositories who steward research data for future use. We strive to build a trusted community-led network of curators advancing open research by making data more ethical, reusable, and understandable.

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Recently Added

Annual Report 2021: End of Year Highlights of the Data Curation Network

Johnston, Lisa R; Narlock, Mikala (2021)
This report showcases the numerous endeavors the DCN supports, from shared curation to conducting research in Special Interest Groups, active collaborations, and education opportunities. This report also includes an overview ...

Open for All, Reusable for Whom?: A Review of What Data Reusers Want and How Data Repositories Can Deliver

Faniel, Ixchel M; Johnston, Lisa R; Wissel, Katie (2021-06-10)
Understanding how data reusers seek and evaluate potential data for reuse will aid data curators, data managers, and developers in the open repository field. We will review past studies of data reusers, specifically a ...

Data Curation Network: Collaboratively Enhancing Capacity for Research Data Support

Kozlowski, Wendy; Johnston, Lisa R (2021-12-14)
Since its launch in 2016 the Data Curation Network (DCN) has grown into a radically collaborative network of institutions, data repositories, and organizations focused on the ethical sharing of research data. Growing beyond ...