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Campus Safety Committee  [3]

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The Campus Safety Committee will advise and consult with the President, the responsible senior administrators, and the Vice President for University Services on policies and major decisions relating to campus and public safety at the University.

The Campus Safety Committee began in the 2021-2022 academic calendar year. For the full committee charge, including duties and responsibilities, and the current membership, please visit the Campus Safety Committee website.

Recently Added

Minutes: Campus Safety Committee: November 22, 2021

University of Minnesota: Campus Safety Committee (2021-11-22)
Call to Order and Welcome; Update from the Office for the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations; Safety from a System Campus Perspective; Planning Future Agendas and Topics

Minutes: Campus Safety Committee: October 25, 2021

University of Minnesota: Campus Safety Committee (2021-10-25)
Situating the Campus Safety Committee in the Tradition of Senate Governance; Committee Charge Discussion; Postdoctoral Experiences and Safety; Safety from a System Campus Perspective - University of Minnesota Rochester

Minutes: Campus Safety Committee: September 27, 2021

University of Minnesota: Campus Safety Committee (2021-09-27)
In these minutes: University Senate Governance Orientation; Recommendations from the Senate Committee on Committees Regarding the Campus Safety Committee; Updates on the M Safe Implementation Team; Discussion of Campus ...