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Supervisory Development Podcast  [25]

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Podcast versions of supervisory development webinars that Leadership and Talent Development runs bi-monthly.

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Episode 25: Engaging Virtual Teams

Tichich, Emily; Sullivan, Brandon; Barnett, John (2020-06-26)

Episode 24: Carrying On Mission - Critical Work in Difficult Times

Tichich, Emily; Sullivan, Brandon (2020-04-24)
The circumstances of the last few weeks have required us to shift priorities and adapt to new ways of working. It can be challenging to lead your dispersed team to get results in innovative ways. Visit ...

Episode 23: Supervising Undergraduate Students

Tichich, Emily; O'Berry, Will; Scepaniak, Crystal; Salm, Nicole (2020-02-20)
What many student employees lack in professional experience, they make up in their willingness to learn and their enthusiasm for new projects. In this webinar, we’ll explore simple ways to mobilize students’ eagerness and ...

Episode 22: The Art of Influence

McGuire, Christina; Sullivan, Brandon; Saathoff, Donna; Nolan, Kari; Jauert, Tami (2019-12-16)
Your department’s goals cannot be achieved alone—it takes work from everyone. Giving orders and commands will only take you so far. To truly be effective you’ll have to gain buy-in from the members of your team, leaders, ...

Episode 21: Driving Action through Accountability

Tichich, Emily; Sullivan, Brandon; Wolford, Amanda (2019-10-30)
The decisions you make when your employees exceed, meet, or do not meet expectations create standards for accountability. Accountability is not just negative or punitive. It can refer to positive consequences for employees ...

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