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Top of Mind Podcast  [2]

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Top of Mind is a podcast series highlighting the issue of mental health at the University of Minnesota.

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Episode 2: Looking Back on 2020 and Forward to New Initiatives

Moore, Rick; Rich, Alex; McNabb, Peter; Hatzimalonas, Manos; Nelson, Kaz J.; Buhlmann, Philippe; Seitzinger, Claire (2021-01-20)
In this episode, we talk with some students who share how COVID-19 and the events of 2020 have affected their well-being, and we look at what a couple of schools and departments have been doing to improve the landscape for ...

Episode 1: Confronting a Crisis

Moore, Rick; Callaway, Mackenzie; Gabel, Joan; Golden, Dave; Hanson, Matt; Kent, Leslie (2020-05-22)
In this episode, we take a broad look at trends in student mental health, contributors to stress and anxiety, and some of the many programs and services offered to students at the University of Minnesota.