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Scrubs, Scalpels and Stories Podcast  [8]

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Scrubs, Scalpels and Stories features candid discussions with surgeon scientists about things they care about, choices they have made, why it all matters to you. Hosted by David Korostyshevsky.

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Episode 8: How surgeons practice

Korostyshevsky, David; Bianco, Richard (2020-03-22)
"Have you ever wondered how surgeons learn to operate on real patients? Or, how medical devices-like replacement heart valves-are tested before being approved for use in humans? Meet Richard Bianco, the director of UMN’s ...

Episode 7: The clinic that would cause an uproar

Korostyshevsky, David; Tuttle, Todd (2020-02-11)
"Dr. Todd Tuttle described the experience of taking a medical mission trip to Honduras as: ""No money. No insurance. Pure medicine."" Dr. Tuttle is a surgical oncologist at the University of Minnesota Department of Surgery."

Episode 6: Black bears could help us get to Mars

Korostyshevsky, David; Iaizzo, Paul (2018-12-20)
"Believe it or not, the black bear may hold the key to important medical breakthroughs, from protecting vulnerable transplant tissues, to improving ICU care, and even getting humans to Mars. Dr. Paul Iaizzo is a ...

Episode 5: Expectations for female surgeons

Korostyshevsky, David; Greenberg, Caprice Christian (2018-10-25)
"The #MeToo Movement continues to highlight persistent gender inequality across America. Women in the workplace often face higher expectations and are paid less than men. How is this problem expressed in the medical ...

Episode 4: Hope for 12-year-old diabetic with allergy to insulin

Korostyshevsky, David; Kandaswamy, Raja (2018-10-25)
"What would you do if the medication that kept your daughter alive also caused her unbearable pain? 12-year-old Emmy Reeves from Columbia, South Carolina had Type One diabetes, a condition shared by over 1 million ...

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