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Civios Podcast  [29]

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In-depth discussions of the story behind the public affairs research by academics affiliated with the Humphrey School.

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Episode 29: COVID-19's Impact on Occupational Licensing

Kleiner, Morris; Welter, Emma (2020-01-26)
The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably upended nearly every aspect of day-to-day life and work. Few may be more aware of its wide-ranging effects than Professor Morris Kleiner, whose decades of expertise on economic and ...

Episode 28: Community Solar Intermediaries: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Practice

Harrington, Elise; Welter, Emma (2020-12-10)
In the fall of 2020, Elise Harrington joined the Humphrey School as an assistant professor in the science, technology, and environmental policy area. In her new role, Harrington hopes to continue the research she began ...

Episode 27: The Immigration Court Observation Project

Chan, Linus; Levesque, Chris; DeWaard, Jack; Foy, Melanie Sommer (2020-03-30)
The Human Rights Defender Project is a collaborative initiative from The Advocates for Human Rights, the University of Minnesota Law School James H. Binger Center for New Americans, and Robins Kaplan LLP. As part of the ...

Episode 26: The CREATE Initiative: Research at the Intersection of Environment and Equity

Keeler, Bonnie; Foy, Melanie Sommer (2020-02-17)
Bonnie Keeler, assistant professor in the science, technology, and environmental policy area at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, discusses her work with the CREATE Initiative. In founding the initiative, Keeler and ...

Episode 25: Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Utility Fees

Sarmiento, Camila Fonseca; Conners, Kate (2020-01-27)
Deep below St. Paul, Minnesota, 450 miles of storm sewers and funnels snake throughout the city. Invisible to everyday life, underground pipeline systems such as these are called gray infrastructure. Camila Fonseca Sarmiento, ...

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