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Tucker Center Talks: S2E10 - Global Research on Culture of Sport & Elite Level Women Coaches

LaVoi, Nicole M.; Norman, Leanne; Donna, deHaan (2020-06-04)
On this episode, Nicole talks with two colleagues, Dr. Leanne Norman, Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University in the UK and Dr. Donna deHaan, Faculty of Health, Nutrition and Sport, at The Hague University of ...

Tucker Center Talks: S2E9 - Female Athlete or Sex Symbol

LaVoi, Nicole M.; Daniels, Elizabeth (2020-05-21)
Nicole talks to Dr. Elizabeth Daniels, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and a Tucker Center affiliated scholar. They discuss the research in which Elizabeth examines the ...

Tucker Center Talks: S2E8 - Physical Activity of African American Females

LaVoi, Nicole M.; Barr-Anderson, Daheia (2020-05-07)
Nicole talks to Dr. Daheia Barr-Anderson, Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and obesity prevention in ...

Tucker Center Talks: S2E7 - New Zealand's Gender Inequity

LaVoi, Nicole M.; Leberman, Sarah; Shaw, Sally (2020-04-30)
Nicole talks with two Tucker Center Affiliated Scholars from New Zealand, Drs. Sarah Leberman and Sally Shaw. We discuss opportunities that can arise for gender equity in sport for girls and women, and what individuals and ...

Tucker Center Talks: S2E6 - Women in College Coaching Report Card

LaVoi, Nicole M. (2020-04-20)
In this episode of Tucker Center Talks Dr. Nicole M .LaVoi, director of the Tucker Center (TC) summarizes data and key findings in the Women in College Coaching Report Card with more depth and explains why keeping the ...