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Turfgrass Science Conference Posters  [13]

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Developing Online Education and Training for Installation and Management of Roadside Turfgrasses

Moncada, Kristine; Trappe, Jon; Bauer, Sam; Watkins, Eric (2019-11)
Roadside turfgrass establishments often fail due to poor establishment, leading to losses of money and time for departments of transportation in the northern U.S. One of the reasons for this failure is a lack of training ...

Optimum Seeding Rate and Biomass Removal Timing for No-Mow Fine Fescue Golf Course Roughs

Schwab, Ryan; Watkins, Eric; Hollman, Andrew; Horgan, Brian; Bauer, Sam (2019-11)
The objective of this research project was to determine the optimum seeding rate and biomass removal timing for maximum weed suppression, golf ball visibility, and aesthetics.

Minnesota Regional Roadside Seed Bank Analysis

Christensen, Dominic; Friell, Joshua; Jungers, Jacob; Trappe, Jon; Watkins, Eric (2019-11)
Persistence of vegetation planted along roadsides in cold climates is often limited because of salt, prolonged ice encasement, poor management, poor soil quality, and weed competition among other stresses in the northern ...

Precision Irrigation for Golf Courses Using Sensor and Mapping Technologies

Straw, Chase; Friell, Joshua; Horgan, Brian (2019-11)
The golf course industry is under increasing public pressure to improve environmental impacts by reducing management inputs, particularly irrigation. Precision irrigation is a viable strategy; however, in practice, adoption ...

Environmental Impacts of Smart Irrigation and Mowing Height in Kentucky Bluegrass Lawns

Sandor, Dan; Horgan, Brian; Davis, Brian (2019-11)
Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.; KBG) is the most widely used turfgrass species in Minnesota lawns, requiring routine cultural management inputs such as mowing and irrigation to maintain acceptable turfgrass quality. ...

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