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Supporting Data for Internal Structure of Methylcellulose Fibrils

Schmidt, Peter W; Morozova, Svetlana; Ertem, S. Piril; Coughlin, McKenzie L; Davidovich, Irina; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Reineke, Theresa M; Bates, Frank S; Lodge, Timothy P (2020-08-26)
Data files used to generate all figures in the manuscript "Internal Structure of Methylcellulose Fibrils" and its supplementary information.

Suppressing The Ferroelectric Switching Barrier in Hybrid Improper Ferroelectrics

Birol, Turan; Li, Shutong (2020-08-26)
Integration of ferroelectric materials in novel technological applications requires low coercive field materials, and consequently, design strategies to reduce the ferroelectric switching barriers. In this first principles ...

Data for "Scattering mechanisms and mobility enhancement in epitaxial BaSnO3thin films probed via electrolyte gating"

Wang, Helin; Prakash, Abhinav; Reich, Konstantin; Ganguly, Koustav; Leighton, Chris (2020-08-05)
Data includes temperature-dependent electronic transport (sheet resistance, electron density, and mobility) of ion-gel-gated BaSnO3 thin films of various thicknesses and growth methods. The mobility vs electron density ...

Supporting Data for "From Order to Disorder: Computational Design of Triblock Amphiphiles with 1 nm Domains"

Shen, Zhengyuan; Chen, Jingyi L; Vernadskaia, Viktoriia; Ertem, S Piril; Mahanthappa, Mahesh K; Hillmyer, Marc A; Reineke, Theresa M; Lodge, Timothy P; Siepmann, J Ilja (2020-07-06)
Data including input/output and restart files for all the systems, analysis codes (python, fortran, cpp), and figures in the paper "From Order to Disorder: Computational Design of Triblock Amphiphiles with 1 nm Domains." ...

Supporting Data and Codes for Origins of the suppression of fibril formation in grafted methylcellulose solutions

Sethuraman, Vaidyanathan; Dorfman, Kevin D (2020-05-22)
The data set consists of the codes used to generate and analyze the molecular dynamics trajectories along with the trajectory restart files and the files containing the data points for the figures in the article. It is ...

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