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Supporting Data for "From Order to Disorder: Computational Design of Triblock Amphiphiles with 1 nm Domains"

Shen, Zhengyuan; Chen, Jingyi L; Vernadskaia, Viktoriia; Ertem, S Piril; Mahanthappa, Mahesh K; Hillmyer, Marc A; Reineke, Theresa M; Lodge, Timothy P; Siepmann, J Ilja (2020-07-06)
Data including input/output and restart files for all the systems, analysis codes (python, fortran, cpp), and figures in the paper "From Order to Disorder: Computational Design of Triblock Amphiphiles with 1 nm Domains." ...

Supporting Data and Codes for Origins of the suppression of fibril formation in grafted methylcellulose solutions

Sethuraman, Vaidyanathan; Dorfman, Kevin D (2020-05-22)
The data set consists of the codes used to generate and analyze the molecular dynamics trajectories along with the trajectory restart files and the files containing the data points for the figures in the article. It is ...

Supporting data for "3D Printed Silicon Nanocrystal Light Emitting Diodes"

Su, Ruitao; Park, Sung Hyun; Li, Zhaohan; McAlpine, Michael C (2020-05-20)
The application of 3-D printing to the fabrication of light emitting diode (LED) requires the ability to integrate materials with distinct properties into one functional device by tuning the printability of materials and ...

High-Resolution Analog of Time-Domain Phonon Spectroscopy in the TEM Experimental Data and Analysis 2019-2020

VandenBussche, Elisah J; Flannigan, David J (2020-03-16)
The behavior of coherent acoustic phonons (CAPs) as they propagate through a material is a function of the material’s optoelectronic and structural properties, making these collective oscillations a multi-faceted ...

Simulation data for "Influence of charge sequence on the adsorption of polyelectrolytes to oppositely-charged polyelectrolyte brushes"

Sethuraman, Vaidyanathan; McGovern, Michael; Morse, David C; Dorfman, Kevin D (2019-06-20)
When a solution of polyanionic chains is placed in contact with a polycationic brush, the polyanions adsorb into the brush. We investigate the influence of the charge sequences of the free and bound species on the ...

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