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Tiffany M Wolf  [3]

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The zoonotic risk of echinococcosis transmission warrants renewed attention in northern Minnesota.

Sokolik, Sara J; Moore, Seth; Boufana, Belgees; Travis, Dominic; Wolf, Tiffany M (2018)

Data, Model Documentation, and Output Supporting "Optimizing syndromic health surveillance in free ranging great apes: the case of Gombe National Park"

Wolf, Tiffany, M; Wang, Wenchun, A; Lonsdorf, Elizabeth V; Gillespie, Thomas; Pusey, Anne; Gilby, Ian; Travis, Dominic A; Singer, Randall (2018-05-24)
Syndromic surveillance is an incipient approach to early wildlife disease detection. Consequently, systematic assessments are needed for methodology validation in wildlife populations. We evaluated the sensitivity of a ...