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Hispanic Issues On-Line (HIOL): Volume 24 (2019): Environmental Cultural Studies Through Time: The Luso-Hispanic World  [18]

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Recently Added

Environmental cultural studies as a transdisciplinary field: Latin American and Iberian studies

Beilin, Katarzyna; Ares López, Daniel (Hispanic Issues Series, 2019)

Energy humanities and Spanish urban cultural studies: a call for a radical convergence

Prádanos, Luis I. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2019)
Energy. Article 1

Trash and the coming community: portrayals of trash and trash workers in Argentina and Brazil

McKay, Micah (Hispanic Issues Series, 2019)
Trash. Article 2

Attending to the pulses of the territory: local officers, national parks, and indigenous territories in Colombia

Ungar, Paula; Premauer, Julia (Hispanic Issues Series, 2019)
Territory. Article 4

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