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PhD Degree Culminating Works  [6]

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This is a collection of dissertations by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) doctoral students as a requirement for receiving their PhD degrees from programs based at UMD.

Please note, this collection contains only some of the dissertations produced by UMD doctoral students. Additional dissertations can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities "Dissertations and Theses" collection.

Recently Added

Trace Element Geochemistry and Geochronology of Early Precambrian Granulite Facies Metamorphic Rocks near Granite Falls in the Minnesota River Valley

Wilson, Wendell Eugene (1976-12)
The Sr isotopic composition and the trace element contents of K, Rb, Sr and Ba have been measured for 27 whole-rock samples and 18 mineral separates taken from four rock units in the Minnesota River Valley near Granite ...

Stratigraphy, Physical Volcanology, and Hydrothermal Alteration of the Footwall Rocks to the Winston Lake Massive Sulfide Deposit, Northwestern Ontario

Osterberg, Steven Arvid (1993-09)
The Winston Lake Zn-Cu-Ag massive sulfide deposit is situated above a sequence of metamorphosed Archean calc-alkaline volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks. A detailed mapping, petrographic, and chemical study was undertaken ...

Paleoenvironmental Variability in the Southeast African Tropics Since the Last Glacial Maximum: Molecular and Isotopic Records from Lake Malawi

Castañeda, Isla Sarita (2007-04)
This study utilizes molecular and isotopic techniques to examine past variability in terrestrial and aquatic tropical ecosystems from southeast Africa. Two different timescales are investigated, the past 23 cal ka to examine ...

Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Using Laminated Sediments Containing Authigenic Carbonate Minerals: Case Studies from the Great Lakes Region of North America

Wittkop, Chad Andrew (2004-10)
Sediment cores from twelve lakes in lower Michigan and one in southern Ontario were examined in search of annual laminations containing authigenic carbonate minerals. Nine lakes contained some degree of such laminations, ...

Calibration and Application of a New Paleotemperature Tool in Lacustrine Systems: TEX86 for Continental Paleoclimate Reconstruction

Powers, Lindsay (2005-11)
The calibration of the TEX86 (TetraEther indeX of tetraethers with 86 carbon atoms) paleotemperature proxy in lacustrine systems provides a new hydrologically independent paleothermometer, enabling high-resolution lake ...

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