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Petrography and Sedimentation of the Middle Proterozoic (Keweenawan) Nonesuch Formation, Western Lake Superior Region, Midcontinent Rift System

Suszek, Thomas John (1991-06)
Detailed sedimentological descriptions and petrographic analysis of the upper Keweenawan Nonesuch Formation was accomplished for selected Bear Creek drill cores (drilled in 1958, 1959 and 1960) from Ashland, Bayfield, and ...

Eskers and Heavy Mineral Prospecting, Northeastern Minnesota

Brown, Timothy Reed (1988-01)
Mineral exploration in heavily glaciated terrain is difficult because a mantle of glacial drift generally covers the bedrock. Eskers and the heavy minerals they contain were studied to (1) determine their potential use as ...

Stratigraphic Correlation and Geochronology of Varved Sediments from Lake Malawi, East Africa

Barry, Sylvia Lee (2001-01-29)
Five nine-m long piston cores and 16 multi-cores less than 60 cm long were obtained for a paleoclimate study from Lake Malawi in East Africa, and have provided the first high-resolution geochronology of varved lake sediments ...

Petrology and Structure of Precambrian Gneisses at Holcombe, Chippewa County, Wisconsin

Wurdinger, Stephanie (1980-05)
Amphibolite, synkinematic intrusives and amphibolite schist crop out along the Chippewa and Fisher Rivers, near Holcombe, in Chippewa county, Wisconsin. These rock formations occur near the northern boundary of an Archean ...

The Keweenawan Lavas in the City of Duluth

Motamedi, Shoaullah (1984-04)
The area of study extends from Mesaba avenue in downtown Duluth, Minnesota, to the Lester River in the east end of the city. The bedrock consists of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks, along with a small amount of ...