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New Student Records  [0]

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This collection contains New Student Records from the 1980s and 1990s. The documents go by multiple titles, including New Student Record, Fresh Faces, and Freshman Record, but all are designed to welcome new students to UMD. They contain general information about and pictures of UMD and a list of new students, often including hometowns, hobbies, high schools, majors, and/or pictures.

A letter from Darryl Sczepanski of UMD Alumni Relations, dated March 6, 1986, explains the New Student Records as follows: "Each year, the Alumni Office works with a different student group to produce the New Student Record. It is sold to incoming freshmen and transfer students during the summer before they arrive on campus and distributed during fall quarter. All new students may submit their photo, but only those who want a book are charged for one....It's the closest thing we have to a yearbook on campus."

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