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Examining the effect of the Hunter's Choice: Alternative Ammunition project on Minnesota deer hunters' knowledge, attitudes, behavioral intentions, and behaviors regarding lead ammunition

Henry, Kate (2016-05)
This study examined the effect of the Hunter’s Choice: Alternative Ammunition openhouse style demonstration clinics and presentations at mentored hunt orientations on participants’ knowledge regarding lead ammunition, ...

iPaddle - Incorporating the Use of iPads ® into an Outdoor Education Curriculum

Fillmore, Sheila G (2016-06)
The intersection of hand-held mobile digital technology and environmental education (EE) is a relatively new and unexplored concept. Thus, there is little information on how to effectively incorporate the use of iPads ® ...

Motivations and Trends of Active Older Adult Users and How They Influence Outdoor Adventure Education Program Opportunities

Petry, Greg (2016-04-20)
By 2029, “Baby Boomers” in the United States will be reaching retirement age in historic numbers (Cruse & Hillman 2012; McLean, et al., 2005b; Colby & Ortman, 2014). Adventure education programs have an opportunity to ...

Development and Exploratory Factor Analysis of Trauma-Related Blame Scale

Jamieson, Jeremy D (2020-06)
Following interpersonal trauma, survivors often experience maladaptive trauma-related blame cognitions which have relevance for psychopathology and treatment. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association has included ...

Constructing Confidence Intervals for L-statistics Using Jackknife Empirical Likelihood

Wang, Fuli (2020-06-16)
The linear function of order statistics which is quite known as L-statistics has been widely used in non-parametric statistic such as location estimation and construction of tolerance level. The L-statistics include a ...