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Human Rights: Professional Papers  [6]

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Housing Cooperatives to Community Land Trusts: Exploring Community Wealth Building Strategies for Black Homeownership

Shongwe, Nonkululeko (2021-05)
The homeownership gap between Black and White communities continues to increase. This stems from a long history of policies enacted by the U.S. government and has impacted Black homeownership and wealth attainment. This ...

Maternal Health is a Human Right: Identifying Gaps and Directions for Policy Improvement in Perinatal Care for Somali-Americans in Minnesota

Lawler Turnbull, Catherine M (2020-08-09)
Perinatal Care for Somali Families in Minnesota This paper seeks to highlight a critical healthcare issue in Minnesota and to present a comprehensive program with which to address it. Immigration is often a contested ...

The Nexus of Business and Human Rights: Challenging Corporate Profiteers in the United States Immigration Detention Industry

Ziegler, Raven Dawn (2020-05-20)
The growing power of corporations1 has prompted dialogue around the need to formalize regulatory and enforcement mechanisms capable of addressing corporate impact on human rights. Throughout the past three decades, advocates ...

The Battle Between Human Rights and Development in Post-Conflict Situations: Assessed Through the Lens of the Rwandan Model

Olubayo, Paul (2020-05-01)
The principles of human rights and development share both a common vision and a common purpose; the desire “to secure, for every human being, freedom, well-being and dignity”. These basic, underlying principles have been ...

“You Take Care of Your Own”: A Human Rights Analysis of HUD’s 2019 “Mixed Status” Proposed Rule

Bruce, Helena (2020-04-28)
In May 2019, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) revealed a proposed rule that sparked outrage among housing advocates and immigrant rights activists across the country. The rule would bar ...

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