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Equity in Banking and Lending - Project Findings and Next Steps

Mbali, John; Williamson, Aaron S.; Arika, Jessica; Martinez Gavina, Blanca (2021-08)
The community is poised to address issues related to disparities in access and quality of banking & lending options and solutions for African Americans in North Minneapolis in particular. This project seeks to understand ...

Lessons from a Hurricane: Supply Chain Resilience in a Disaster, An Analysis of the US Disaster Response to Hurricane Maria

Kunkel, Matthew (2020-09-09)
This paper examines the US response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. It takes a specific look at how the supply chains failed, focusing on the three key aspects of (1) essential workers, (2) medical supply chain fragility, ...

Affordable Care Act: It’s Effect on Health Care Utilization and the Health of Minnesotans

Uhde, Tamara (2020-08-18)
In the United States, there are several different types of health care, including the Veteran’s Health care system, Medicare/Medicaid systems and private health care systems. The introduction of the Affordable Care Act ...

Disability Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Care Post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Minnesota & the U.S.

Kimmet, Haley (2020-08-03)
With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010, U.S. women with disabilities stand to benefit from several key provisions intended to enhance access to a system that has historically struggled to ...

Choosing Social Enterprise for Equity and Resilience

Cheng, Fun Fun (2019-04)
Building equity into existing organizational structures that systemically work against equity has become the trend for non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations, with varying degrees of progress and success. ...