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Reliably composable language extensions

Kaminski, Ted (2017-05)
Many programming tasks are dramatically simpler when an appropriate domain-specific language can be used to accomplish them. These languages offer a variety of potential advantages, including programming at a higher level ...

Composable semantics using higher-order attribute grammars

Manjacheri, Lijesh Krishnan (2012-11)
Ideally, programmers could make use of domain-specific knowledge and program using constructs that implement abstractions in their problem domains, and obtain domain-appropriate feedback. Further, new functionality could ...

Context-aware scanning and determinism-preserving grammar composition, in theory and practice

Schwerdfeger, August (2010-07)
This thesis documents several new developments in the theory of parsing, and also the practical value of their implementation in the Copper parser generator. The most widely-used apparatus for syntactic analysis of ...