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Data Curation Network Primers  [23]

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Archived primers from the 2018-2020 Specialized Data Curation Workshops presented by the Data Curation Network and funded by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS RE-85-18-0040-18). Data curation primers are interactive, living documents that detail a specific subject, disciplinary area or curation task and that can be used as a reference to curate research data.

Interactive primers available for download and derivatives at:

Recently Added

SAS Data Curation Primer

Xu, Qiong (Data Curation Network, 2020)

Twitter Data Curation Primer

Kalt, Marley; Scott, Dorris (Data Curation Network, 2020)

NVivo Data Curation Primer

Hadley, Hannah (Data Curation Network, 2020)

Neuroimaging DICOM and NIfTI Data Curation Primer

Moore, Michael; Patterson, Brandon; Samuel, Sara; Sheridan, Helenmary; Sorensen, Chris (Data Curation Network, 2020)

ISO Disk Images Data Curation Primer

Barron, Kate; Bohan, Jonathan (Data Curation Network, 2020)

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