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Future of the Old Auditorium Adaptive Reuse Plan

Singh, Virajita; Leong, Kenos; Whittaker, Meighan (2019-11)
This research project supported a community effort with the Pennington County Old Auditorium Committee and other partners in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, to develop a conceptual plan for the future of an existing historic ...

Deep Winter Greenhouse v. 2.2 Construction Documents

Handeen, Daniel (2017-05-18)
A Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) is a greenhouse designed to limit the amount of fossil fuel it takes to grow crops during cold winters. DWGs are passive-solar greenhouses that rely on energy from the sun to heat the building ...

Roseau River Water Trail Masterplan

Singh, Virajita; Olson, Miranda (2018-08)
The Roseau River Water Trail Masterplan proposes designs for six sites that were selected along the Roseau River that are significant in terms of access and use of the Roseau River at the following specific locations: Hayes ...

Ellen Hopkins Elementary School: Nature Based Play Space

Thill, Alexander; Singh, Virajita; Kulman Brigham, Jonee (2016-06-30)

Southwest Hmong Community Center: Tsev Nqeeb on the Prairie Master Plan

Singh, Virajita; Chang, Xin (2018-07)
The Southwest Hmong Community Center (SWHCC) is a community-driven project led by Project Uniting Southwest Hmong (PUSH) in the city of Tracy, the city of Walnut Grove, and surrounding areas of Southwest Minnesota. The ...