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4-H Material  [3]

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Youth Aspirations: Imagining and Navigating Futures in Higher Education

Tzenis, Joanna A (2019)
This guidebook takes a new approach to preparing youth for college. Rather than focusing on grades, ACTS, or financing, the activities and program suggestions in this guidebook help young people envision having higher ...

Learning About Dairy

Paulson, Jim; Salfer, Jim; Newell, Sherry; Santi, Elaine; Seykora, Tony; Litherland, Noah; Endres, Marcia; Janni, Kevin; Reneau, Jeff; Broadwater, Neil; Schwartau, Chuck; Rozeboom, Gretchen; Suerth Hudson, Carolyn; Salfer, Lucas; Schmidt, Shari (University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2015)

Feeding the dairy herd (reviewed 1996)

Linn, James; Hutjens, Michael; Shaver, Randy; Otterby, Donald; Howard, W. Terry; Kilmer, Lee H. (University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1996)