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Extension Program Conference Posters  [141]

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The Extension Program Conference is held annually in the fall. Posters are available from 2009, and can be browsed by year.

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Pollinators for Food: Planting pollinator attractive annuals with peppers to improve harvest

Weisenhorn, Julie E.; Klodd, Annie; Fritz, Vince; Oelhert, Gary; Meyer, Mary (2019-07-20)
It is well-known that many food crops require insect pollination to produce fruit, but what about self-pollinated crops? Would planting bee-attractive flowers near the crops make a difference in the quality and quantity ...

Using a modified delphi in rapidly changing times- Ash management guide

Gupta, Angela; Mayer, Amy; Miedtke, Julie (University of Minnesota Extension, 2011)
The world is changing quickly; however, delivering scientific information takes time. A modified-Delphi approach offers those of us working in Extension a way to address methodological constraints to our ability to provide ...

Woodland advisor program: public value and program effectiveness

Gupta, Angela (University of Minnesota Extension, 2010)

Making connections and producing results in the woodland advisor program

Gupta, Angela; Reichenbach, Michael (University of Minnesota Extension, 2009)
The Woodland Advisor program moved from a cohort to an open model in 2003. This created partnerships, expanded delivery, and increased external revenues. Classes now have flexible content and schedules, participant feedback ...

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