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Erin Malone  [35]

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COVID Bedfellows: Combining Clinical Skills and Anatomy Laboratories in the DVM Curriculum

Malone, Erin D; Brown, Abby L; Spence, Susan J (Education in the Health Professions, 2021)
Background: Prior to the fall of 2020, clinical skills and anatomy were considered separate courses with minimal overlap other than being offered to the same cohort of students. We had included clinical skills practice ...

The efficacy of imiquimod 5% cream (Aldara) in the treatment of aural plaque in horses: a pilot open-label clinical trial

Torres, Sheila MF; Malone, Erin D; White, Stephen D; Koch, Sandra N; Watson, Johanna L (Veterinary Dermatology, 2010)
Aural plaques affect at least 22% of horses and can be asymptomatic or cause ear sensitivity. Immunohistochemical and electron microscopy studies have shown a strong association between aural plaques and papilloma virus. ...

Identification of Student Lifestyle Characteristics Associated with Training Choices to Drive Targeted Admissions in Veterinary Medicine

Root Kustritz, Margaret V; Malone, Erin; Rendahl, Aaron (Education in the Health Professions, 2020)
Background: There is an identified need for practicing veterinarians with a focus on food animal work in the United States. Students at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine track by species (food ...

Evidence-Based Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning: What Do We Really Know?

Malone, Erin (Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 2019)
The recent programmatic focus on skills development in veterinary medicine means that many programs are devoting increased time to formal clinical skills teaching. This expansion makes it essential that we use the time as ...

Monitoring the Curriculum through the Student Perspective

Malone, Erin D; Root Kustritz, Margaret V; Rendahl, Aaron; Molgaard, Laura K (Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 2020)
Student input was deliberately included as part of the curriculum implementation and assessment plan at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. The new curriculum included design features to encourage ...

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