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Lessons Learned from Major Peer Learning Programs [Video, 12, 53]

Arendale, David; Arendale, David (2019)
This video provides best practices and common elements among the major peer learning programs operating at the college level. It identifies the best practices for improving program outcomes so students earn high grades and ...

Best Practices of Developmental Education for Advisors, Student Services, and Classroom Faculty [Video, 2:12:35]

Arendale, David (2012)
This talk takes best education practices from developmental education and makes application for academic advisors, student services personnel, and faculty members who teach college-credit first-year courses. A holistic ...

Learning Technology Use in an Introductory College History Course [Video, 9:44]

Unknown author (2019)
I share how I have incorporated learning technologies into my college introductory history course at the University of Minnesota. One of the technologies is a podcast the students and I develop together to review the course ...

Video-based Supplemental Instruction (VSI) Overview [Video, 37:35]

Arendale, David (2020-03)
Video-based Supplemental Instruction (VSI) is a course delivery system on video and processed in small groups that integrate mastery of rigorous course content and learning strategies. Students earn academic graduation ...

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Overview [Video, 41:15]

Arendale, David (2020-03)
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic enhancement and support program. SI creates a supportive learning community that empowers the students to develop their academic capacity to become powerful and independent ...