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David Arendale  [115]

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At the University of Minnesota, I serve as an Associate Professor in History & Higher Education and Manager of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) Best Education Practices Clearinghouse. My home academic department is Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Development. I teach an undergraduate global history course and conduct workshops for educators to embed best practices of student engagement, enrichment, and academic support. The EOA Clearinghouse identifies, validates, and disseminates best practices to increase persistence and academic achievement of historically underrepresented students.

My scholarly work is expressed through four research projects: (a) academic access, developmental education, and learning assistance; (b) learning technologies; (c) postsecondary peer cooperative learning groups; and (d) Universal Design for Learning. These are not mutually exclusive to each other since effective practices often are found at the crossroads of these four projects. A central theme is improving academic success of historically underrepresented students.

We do not need to "reinvent the wheel" regarding best education practices. Instead, we must effectively communicate what already exists to others. I welcome your thoughts and comments about my work and would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate. Take care, David Arendale (;

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Postsecondary peer assisted learning programs offered online: 2020 annotated bibliography

Arendale, David R. (2020)
The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to identify best education practices for offering traditional student-led study group programs online. Lessons can be learned from the past to enable educators now and in the ...

Lessons learned in 2020 from taking postsecondary peer assisted learning programs online: Raw survey data

Arendale, David R. (2020)
With the end of the spring 2020 academic term, a national survey was conducted to identify best practices of college educators regarding how they moved their traditional face-to-face tutoring and small group tutoring ...

Lessons learned in 2020 about postsecondary online peer assisted learning (PAL) groups from previous research publications and recent survey of PAL program administrators

Arendale, David R. (2020)
This publication identifies lessons learned from moving traditional face-to-face peer study groups to online operation. Two sources were consulted. First, previous publications concerning online peer study groups were ...

Increasing the influence of your digital identity and scholarly contributions [Video, 19:51]

Arendale, David (2020-03)
Moving beyond the traditional publish and present model of sharing scholarship, I have expanded into sharing through online information depositories, websites, email listservs, and social media (podcasting, YouTube, Twitter, ...

Gaining more listeners for your podcast episode [Video, 16:27]

Arendale, David (2020-03)
Just as people consume their social media through a variety of sources (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more), people also listen to their podcasts through a variety of apps. Podcasters that only focus on the iTunes app ...

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