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Rural Community Stress: Understanding Risk and Building Resilience

Beehler, Sarah; Corcoran, Frederique; McConkey, Monica; Jasken, Jeri; McIntyre, Alison (University of Minnesota. Extension., 2021-01)

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma in young children: What we know and what we can do

Lingras, Katherine; Greifer, Maya; Sheikh, Kiran; Fabre, Barb (University of Minnesota Extension, 2019-06)

Mental Health of Transgender Youth: The Role of Family, School, and Community in Promoting Resilience

McGuire, Jenifer; Mahan, Derek; Lacey, Vanessa; Hoelscher, Mary Clark (University of Minnesota Extension, 2017-04)

Falling Behind: Understanding the Educational Disparities Faced by Immigrant Latino Students in the U.S.

Alvarez, Silvia; Michaels, Cari; Hurtado, Monica; Roldan, Mitch; Duran-Graybow, Isabel (University of Minnesota Extension, 2016-04)

Children in Common: Ensuring the Emotional Well-being of Children When Parenting Apart

McCann, Ellie; Olson, Kjersti; Hall, Eugene; Giles, Maisha; Onell, Stephen; McCullough, Rose; McGuire, Jenifer; Michaels, Cari (St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Extension, Children, Youth and Family Consortium, 2015-10)
Despite the growing literature on coparenting and divorce education interventions, little has been written about the practice of delivering courtmandated parent education programs for both divorced and unmarried parents ...