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Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC)  [23]

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The Center's mission is to develop research-based solutions that can reduce the impacts of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota by preventing spread, controlling populations, and managing ecosystems; and to advance knowledge to inspire action by others. MAISRC's vision is to be a vibrant and durable research enterprise that advances the knowledge and builds the capacity that Minnesota needs in order to reduce the impacts of aquatic invasive species on our cherished lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Visit MAISRC's website at


Recently Added

Complete Data for: Laboratory evaluation of copper-based algaecides for control of the invasive macroalga starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa)

Glisson, Wesley J; Contreras-Rangel, Rafael; Bishop, West M; Larkin, Daniel J (2022-05-23)
Nitellopsis obtusa ([Desvaux] J. Groves [1919]; Characeae), known as starry stonewort, is an invasive macroalga in Laurentian Great Lakes states and provinces in North America. Because of its potential negative impacts ...

An ensonified bubble curtain blocks 4 species of invasive carp in a laboratory flume but also deters other fish, while sound alone is less effective overall and does not target carp

Feely, Jane; Sorensen, Peter (2022-03-18)
Four species of invasive carp from Asia are advancing up the Mississippi River through its locks and dams (LDs) and threatening to profoundly alter its ecosystems. It has been hypothesized that sensory stimuli could be ...

A Bi-Level Model for State and County Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Decisions, Minnesota, 2022

Haight, Robert, G.; Yemshanov, Denys; Kao, Szu-Yu; Phelps, Nicholas, B.D.; Kinsley, Amy, C (2022-03-04)
These data contain a bi-level model for determining how a state planner can efficiently allocate inspection resources to county managers, who independently decide where to locate inspection stations. We apply the model to ...

Data for: "Effect of light on macrophyte sprouting and assessment of viable seedbank to predict community composition"

Dunne, Melaney A; Newman, Raymond M (2022-02-22)
These are data from the paper: “Effect of light on macrophyte sprouting and assessment of viable seedbank to predict community composition” Sediments cores from each lake were pooled and homogenized and placed in trays ...

Data for Evaluation of a broadband sound projected from the gates of a navigation lock in the Mississippi River shows it to be a weak deterrent for common carp and unable to block passage

Riesgraf, Andrew T.; Finger, Jean S.; Zielinski, Daniel P.; Dennis III, Clark E.; Whitty, Jeff M.; Sorensen, Peter W. (2022-01-19)
There is an urgent need to block the passage of carp and other invasive fishes through navigational locks in large rivers. Although the broadband sound of an outboard motor has been shown to strongly repel three species ...

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