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Holographic Quantum Matter 2018  [14]

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A strongly correlated metal from coupled SYK models

Balents, Leon (2018-05)
We show how a strongly correlated Fermi liquid can be described by coupling together a lattice of SYK models.

Sine-Square deformation of conformal field theory

Ryu, Shinsei (2018-05)
By making use of conformal mapping, we construct various time-evolution operators in (1+1) dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) deformed by some envelope function. Examples of such deformed evolution operators ...

Computing quantum thermalization dynamics: from quantum chaos to emergent hydro

Altman, Ehud (2018-05)
Computing the dynamics of strongly interacting quantum systems presents a fundamental challenge due to the growth of entanglement entropy in time. I will describe a new approach that overcomes this obstruction and captures ...

Space-Time in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model

Jevicki, Antal (2018-05)
The question of the bulk space-time in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model will be discussed . Starting with the basic issue regarding its signature a bi-local map will be described to reach the bulk. Physical properties of the ...

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