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Family Resiliency  [37]

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Supporting Agricultural Workers from Mexico

Alba Meraz, Antonio; Olson, Patricia D.; Burk, Gabriela; Solheim, Catherine A. (University of Minnesota Extension, 2011)

Financial Education and Family Asset Protection

Latino Financial Literacy team (University of Minnesota Extension, 2018)

Latino Financial Literacy Team 2019 Report

Alba Meraz, Antonio; Mendoza, Francisca; Lamas, Jose; Burk, Gabriela (University of Minnesota Extension, 2020)

Parents Forever 2017 Annual Statewide Report

Shanker, Vidhya; McCann, Ellie; Powell, Sharon (2018)

Department of Corrections (DOC) Parenting Report

Becher, Emily; Alba, Anna; Smith, Mikayla; McCann, Ellie; Powell, Sharon (2018)

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