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MN Youth Development Research Group Conference Papers  [54]

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Expanding the vision of Reimagine Minnesota: A collective education roadmap for action

Alexander, Nicola; Dworkin, Jodi; Gibbons, Kim; Grier-Reed, Tabitha; Marshall, Stefanie; Maruyama, Geoff; Mason, Annie; Pekel, Katie; Rodriguez, Michael; Scharber, Cassandra; Sweitzer, Julie; Varma, Keisha (Minneapolis Foundation, 2019-12)
We know Minnesota is among the worst in the nation for racial disparities in K-12 education. We also know we can’t grant our way out of this crisis. Expanding the Vision of Reimagine Minnesota: A Collective Education Roadmap ...

Racial and Gender Expression Discrimination among High School Students

Chavez, Carlos; Rodriguez, Michael C; Do, Tai (2019)

A Validity Argument Sensitivity Analysis of Social and Emotional Learning Measures with Few Items

Chavez, Carlos; Rodriguez, Michael C; Vue, Kory; Cabrera, Julio (2019)

Teacher-School Support, Academic Goals, and Proportion of Latino Students: How Do They Interact?

Palma, Jose; Smith, Mireya; Miranda, Alejandra; Rodriguez, Michael C (2019)

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