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Minnesota Youth Development Research Group  [64]

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The Minnesota Youth Development Research Group was initiated at the University of Minnesota in 2007, and is housed in the Department of Educational Psychology. The purpose of the group is to explore methodological and substantive challenges in youth development, relying on the tenets of positive psychology, ecological perspectives of youth development, and the translation of research to practice. The group primarily works with the triennial Minnesota Student Survey (Minnesota Department of Education) and similar youth data sets.

Recently Added

The Role of School Connectedness in the Adolescent Transition to Middle School

Karl, Stacy R. (2020-08)
The transition to middle school presents many educational changes for students during the time of adolescent development, with potential long-term effects if not navigated successfully. The first objective of this study ...

Implementing Principles of Reimagine Minnesota in a Period of Remote Teaching and Learning: Education Equity in the Age of COVID-19

Alexander, Nicola; Gibbons, Kim; Marshall, Stefanie; Rodriguez, Michael; Sweitzer, Julie; Varma, Keisha (Minneapolis Foundation, 2020-04)

Expanding the vision of Reimagine Minnesota: A collective education roadmap for action

Alexander, Nicola; Dworkin, Jodi; Gibbons, Kim; Grier-Reed, Tabitha; Marshall, Stefanie; Maruyama, Geoff; Mason, Annie; Pekel, Katie; Rodriguez, Michael; Scharber, Cassandra; Sweitzer, Julie; Varma, Keisha (Minneapolis Foundation, 2019-12)
We know Minnesota is among the worst in the nation for racial disparities in K-12 education. We also know we can’t grant our way out of this crisis. Expanding the Vision of Reimagine Minnesota: A Collective Education Roadmap ...

Racial and Gender Expression Discrimination among High School Students

Chavez, Carlos; Rodriguez, Michael C; Do, Tai (2019)

A Validity Argument Sensitivity Analysis of Social and Emotional Learning Measures with Few Items

Chavez, Carlos; Rodriguez, Michael C; Vue, Kory; Cabrera, Julio (2019)

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