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Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series (SULIS)  [2]

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This collection includes materials to enables homeowners, business owners, and horticulture professionals to create outdoor spaces that are functional, maintainable, environmentally sound, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. It also includes project reports from SULIS courses.

Recently Added

SULIS: Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series—Design

Weisenhorn, Julie; Ripp, Tim; Vaughan, Elizabeth (2018)
SUSTAINABILITY AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN discusses the major considerations that need to be incorporated into a landscape design if a sustainable landscape is to be the outcome. Landscape functionality, cost effectiveness, and ...

Protecting existing trees during construction

Bracewell, Sara K. (2015)
Working around existing trees or under their canopies can be harmful to the trees. If you are planning to do work under the tree canopy or dripline of the tree it will be beneficial to read this article first and decide ...