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Navigating Work-Life Conflict  [2]

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Retention and Its Discontents: How Ideal Workers with Family Aspirations Navigate Career Decision-Making

Oelberger, Carrie (2018-03-28)
Every career decision invites an opportunity to realize – or repress – deeply held desires. Furthermore, modern careers provide recurrent possibilities to engage in these reflections. I examine career decision-making for ...

Tipping the Scales: How Deeply Meaningful Work Increases Work-Relationship Conflict and the Moderating Role of Occupational Value Homophily with Close Others

Oelberger, Carrie (2018-03-08)
How is work-relationship conflict experienced by people in deeply meaningful work, those who experience both self-actualization and self-transcendence through work? Drawing upon in-depth interview data with 82 international ...