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UMD University Honors  [102]

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Works from UMD Honor Students

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Attitudes Towards Customized vs. Generic Synthetic Voices on Speech Generating Devices

Salmela, Sabrina (2019)
This study examined the attitudes of undergraduate students towards a peer who use speech-generating devices (SGDs) with synthetic voices. Participants’ attitudes toward a customized synthetic voice were compared to their ...

Why Students Avoid Free Public Transportation to UMD

Epstein, Juliana (2019)
This research evaluates factors influencing public transportation use among students at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). All UMD students have the opportunity to ride the public transit of Duluth for free with ...

Perceptions of Childbirth Among Undergraduates

Mazurek, Samantha; Emad, Mitra (2019)
In 2017, over 3.8 million babies were born in the United States (Hamilton et. al, 2018). Of these births, 1.2 million were born via cesarean section. This translates to a cesarean delivery rate of 32.0%, which is over three ...

How Youth at Neighborhood Youth Services Perceive School Over Time

Clark, Kellsey; Anderson, Wendy (2019)
A common form of research in human service professions is to look at the effectiveness of interventions and then considering improvements to be made to service delivery. The program I currently intern for, Neighborhood ...

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