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UMD University Honors  [9]

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Development of an OpenSource Genealogy Research Platform

Rysavy, Mitchell (2016)
Genealogy software is often hard to use and this complexity may drive users away from using it at all. The purpose of this project is address the problem of genealogy software being hard to use and to reach people that ...

Meghan A. Osterbauer

Osterbauer, Meghan (2016)
In the present study, we sought to examine the relationship between aspects of intimate relationships (status and length) and alcohol consumption in college students. We ran independent groups t-tests to analyze connections ...

From Deinstitutionalization to Today: The History of the Modern Mental Health Crisis

Moret, Katie; Stuart, Lee (2016)
Treatment for those with mental health conditions has been influenced by many factors and changes in the field. One such change which shifted mental health treatment drastically was the deinstitutionalization movement in ...

Changes in the Fluidity of Coordination with Curling Experience

Bernier, Kyle (2016)
This study examined the effects of experience in the sport of curling by comparing different movement tasks of curlers of varying levels of experience. We predicted that curlers with more experience would demonstrate greater ...

Processing Rape Cases: Media versus Reality

Frink, Anna (2016)
The purpose of this paper is to compare/contrast how rape cases are handled in the media versus reality. To establish procedures involved in rape cases in reality, interviews were done with a staff member at PAVSA (Program ...

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