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Center for Innovative Higher Education  [43]

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The Center for Innovative Higher Education (formerly jCENTER) operated between Fall 2010-Fall 2016 in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development (OLPD). Funded by the College of Education and Human Development, the Center was created as a place to envision and launch innovative higher education programs at the University of Minnesota, regionally, and nationally. The Center was directed by OLPD faculty member, David Weerts. This collection provides a repository of materials and curriculum developed by staff and partners affiliated with the Center.

Recently Added

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film Design Thinking Workshop

University of Minnesota College of Design; Center for Innovative Higher Education (2014)

Design Thinking for Higher Education Policy Innovation

Weerts, David J; Singh, Virajita; Horn, Aaron; Taylor, Leonard (2015)

Design Thinking for Higher Education Innovation

Weerts, David J; Konkle, Erin (2015)

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