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Articles and Scholarly Works (Duluth)  [11]

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Finding expertise in your own backyard: Creating communities of practice to support learning about the Framework

Pittman, Kim; Mars, Amy; Brager, Trent (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020)
This chapter will focus on successful strategies for creating ongoing professional development opportunities and building communities of practice around the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. ...

Observation of the Cosmic Ray Shadows of the Moon and the Sun Using the MINOS Far Detector

Fogarty, Samuel J (2019-12-13)
Cosmic rays are high energy particles, mostly protons and helium nuclei, that create muons on collision with the atmosphere. The Moon and the Sun block cosmic rays in their travels, so there should be less muons seen in ...

Think Pieces on UMD's Liberal Education Program and the Value of the Liberal Arts

Hylenski, Kristen; Brady, Jennifer; De Souza, Rebecca; Bauerkemper, Joseph; Gore, David Charles; Shanks, Samuel; Pastor, John; Caprioli, Mary; Pine, Adam; Minor, Elizabeth; Twu, Krista Sue-Lo; Lindaman, Dana; Beard, David; Syring, David; Maclin, Rich; Gran, Rik (2019-12-04)
A collection of brief essays on the role of a liberal education and/or the Liberal Arts for undergraduate students penned by UMD faculty

Zhuangzi on Friendship and Death

Elder, Alexis M (2014)
Zhuangzi suggests that death is a transformation that we commonly and mistakenly think means the end of someone but really just marks a new phase of existence. This metaphysical thesis is presented at several points in the ...

Excellent Online Friendships: An Aristotelian Defense of Social Media

Elder, Alexis M (2014)
I defend social media’s potential to support Aristotelian virtue friendship against a variety of objections. I begin with Aristotle’s claim that the foundation of the best friendships is a shared life. Friends share the ...

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