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Electronic structure data for ³A' and A" N₂O

Lin, Wei; Varga, Zoltan; Song, Guoliang; Paukku, Yuliya; Truhlar, Donald G.
This dataset constitutes the electronic structure data that was fitted to obtain global reactive potential energy surfaces for Born-Oppenheimer collisions of oxygen atoms with nitrogen molecules. In particular it contains ...

Python and R codes for "Using post-disturbance movement dynamics to understand the role of spatial proximity to the maternal-neonate bond and parental investment in moose (Alces alces)"

DelGiudice, Glenn; Ahmadkhani, Mohsen; St-Louis, Veronique; Severud, William; Obermoller, Tyler
The submitted python script performs moose movement analyses (i.e dynamic interaction (DI) values, and reunion analysis). The R script measures MCP and KDE home range values for the animals.

Network connectivity patterns of Minnesota waterbodies and implications for aquatic invasive species prevention

Kao, Szu-Yu; Enns, Eva A; Tomamichel, Megan; Doll, Adam; Escobar, Luis E.; Qiao, Huijie; Craft, Meggan E.; Phelps, Nicholas B. D.
The data contains simulated boater movements across lakes in the state of Minnesota (MN). The data were simulated based on the boater inspection program conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in 2014-2017. ...

Maize 509 line TE PAV calls

Springer, Nathan M; Noshay, Jaclyn M; Hirsch, Candice N; Marand, Alexandre P; Anderson, Sarah N; Zhou, Peng; O'Connor, Christine; Crisp, Peter A; Schmitz, Robert J; Lu, Zefu (2020-10-28)
Transposable elements (TEs) have the potential to create regulatory variation both through disruption of existing DNA regulatory elements and through creation of novel DNA regulatory elements. In a species with a large ...

Supporting Data for Spectral rigidity of non-Hermitian symmetric random matrices near the Anderson transition

Shklovskii, Boris, I; Huang, Yi (2020-10-27)
We numerically calculate the number variance in the three dimensional TME model and study the evolution of the number variance as a function of average number of eigenvalues with different disorder parameters as the system ...