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Policy and Planning Opportunities of Self-Driving Vehicles  [5]

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Legal Accelerators and Brakes for Deployment of Automated Vehicles

Stanley, Karlyn D.; Partridge, Ellen; Doua, Frank (Springer International Publishing, 2015)
This chapter will review three questions that prompted significant discussion at the 2014 Symposium on Vehicle Automation sponsored by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems ...

The Legal Obligations, Obstacles, and Opportunities for Automated and Connected Vehicles to Improve Mobility and Access for People Unable to Drive

Douma, Frank; Lari, Adeel; Andersen, Kory (Michigan State Law Review, 2017)
In recent decades, several legislative and regulatory mandates, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, “United We Ride” initiative, and Olmstead court decision, have been issued in attempt to improve mobility and ...

The SDVs Are Coming! An Examination of Minnesota Laws in Preparation for Self-Driving Vehicles

Peck, Spencer; Fatehi, Leili; Douma, Frank; Lari, Adeel (Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology, 2015)
Self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are predicted to be the future of automotive transportation. The significant potential benefits of SDVs to safety, congestion reduction, land use, and productivity are hard to ignore. Although ...

Self-Driving Vehicles and Policy Implications: Current Status of Autonomous Vehicle Development and Minnesota Policy Implications

Leri, Adeel; Douma, Frank; Onyiah, Ify (Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology, 2015)

Criminal Liability Issues Created by Autonomous Vehicles

Douma, Frank; Aue Palodichuk, Sarah (Santa Clara Law Review, 2012-12-13)