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Sound Editing and Compositing from Variable Acoustic Sources

Brueggemann, William (2017-04-25)
This essay explains the making of sound recordings. The sound recordings are the original music of Dr. Justin Rubin. They were recorded in different locations, acoustic spaces and to varying degrees of fidelity.

Implementation of Robotics in Costumes and Theatre

Bockbrader, Hannah (2015-10-28)

Music Culture in the Omaha Tribe of North America and the Saami of Northern Scandinavia: An Analysis of the Similarities and Possible Cultural Connections Between Vuolle and Be-thae wa-an

Wirtanen, Trevor (2014-09-30)
Within both the Saami of northern Scandinavian and the Native American tribe known as the Omaha, there exists a rich and complex musical culture. This essay analyzes the intricacies and aural similarities of the aforementioned ...

The Nest as Art

Bennett, Jennifer (2014-09-30)