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Technical Writing and Communication Capstone Projects  [11]

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Students’ Perceptions of Written Instructor Feedback on Student Writing

Wisz, Eric (2018-05)
Research Question. How do students perceive instructor feedback on their writing when different feedback approaches are presented? Literature Review. Previous literature on instructor feedback on student writing suggested ...

Applying What I've Learned in TWC: Themes from Visual Rhetoric, Writing with Digital Technologies, International Communication, and Usability

Berger, Alex (2018-05)
This project, which includes both a website created using HTML and this accompanying report, applies concepts and themes taken from four courses from the Technical Writing & Communication (TWC) coursework at the University ...

Understanding Technical Language Use in Competitive League of Legends

Ernst, Nathan (2019-04)
League of Legends (LoL) is an online competitive strategy game that necessitates a constant sharing of information between five teammates. The game is the largest part of the esports industry with more than 100 million ...

The Potential for Voice-Assistant Technology in Digital and Physical Spaces

Wiswell, Kendra (2019-04)
In my paper, I will discuss the degree of assistance that voice-assistive technologies currently provide to their users. I will also evaluate how these technologies increase the “usability” of the physical world. Finally, ...

Renaming Campus Buildings: A Step Towards Reparations at the University of Minnesota

Holly, Lauren (2019-04)
Most of the buildings that make up the University of Minnesota campus have been around since the university was founded in 1851. Many of these buildings have remained permanent fixtures on campus and each holds with it a ...

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